Transworld Electric is an atypical contractor in that we are not about new construction but rather we are all about electrical reliability and safety

As we have worked with facility owners and managers over the last 30 years, we have developed partnerships with many electrical engineers. A facility free of electrical hazards is one of our primary missions and we wish to develop more partnerships with engineering firms so that more owners and managers have access to full NFPA 70E compliance at competitive prices.

OSHA has consistently listed electrical as a top hazard and has increased fines by 5-10x (OSHA Penalties HERE). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019 had the most recorded fatal electrical injuries since 2011 (Electrical Safety Statistics HERE). As a result, the demand for expert compliance services is growing.

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Why partner with Transworld Electric for an arc flash study

  • Data Gathering

Transworld Electric’s electricians are all licensed and work within all electrical codes and standards, including NFPA 70E, NFPA 70B, and OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910 (Subpart S Electrical). Each electrician is qualified to recognize and mitigate the hazards inherent in live electrical systems and is equipped with proper PPE to open panel covers and do testing. We efficiently record-breaker manufacturer & model numbers, verify that conductors are sized properly, and fed-from/fed-to conductor types, lengths, and sizes.

  • Perform required Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM)

NFPA 70E, Chapter 2, Article 205.3 – electrical equipment shall be maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions or industry consensus standards

NFPA 70E, Chapter 2, Article 210 Informational Note – Improper or inadequate maintenance can result in the increased opening time of the overcurrent protective device, thus increasing the incident energy

Arc flash calculations are dependent on the electrical system operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s and designer’s specifications, so electrical testing and maintenance become critical to an electrical safety program. During the on-site data gathering process our electricians also perform NFPA 70E Safety-Related Maintenance and will make or will identify to the owner needed repairs to equipment that could affect the opening times of protective devices. These anomalies include but are not limited to elevated contact resistance, loose connections, grounding, bonding, bushings, and adequate neutrals.  An added benefit to the owner is improved electrical reliability.

  • Online Asset Management Database

Transworld Electric creates an Asset Management Database containing all of the above information and is accessible on-line to the owners and the engineers. As we perform the data gathering and Safety-Related Preventive Maintenance on behalf of the engineer, our software requires electricians to input all necessary information before allowing them to move to the next piece of equipment; this ensures that all information is documented correctly, eliminating the need for additional trips or for the engineer to come to the site. On an ongoing basis, the customer will have access to this online asset management database to keep concise records of equipment, follow-up on repairs, and make changes as the equipment is added or modified. When it is time to renew the arc flash risk assessment in 5 years (or when the system is significantly altered, according to the standard), the customer and the engineer will be able to refer to this database and re-run the model with just the changes, avoiding the expense of starting from scratch.

Let’s work together to create safety facilities.

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