I cannot be more complimentary for the work done by Kevin Voortman and Jamir Anderson. We recently lost service to one phone outlet in our house. Rather than calling the traditional phone resource for the area, AT&T, and knowing that I would be put on hold for over an hour as I had been recently for a router failure, I called our contractor, Marks Restorations, for help. Within a very short time, he notified me that Transworld, Inc. could do the job. Kevin and Jamir came precisely on time for the appointment, made the diagnosis, and fixed the problem. As luck would have it, it started raining midway through the repairs and all of the work was done outside. They could not have been more cheerful about the situation and completed their work in a timely manner. I give these two gents a 5-Star rating and highly recommend Transworld to you.

Buddy Jenrette

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