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Why care for your industrial facility’s electrical distribution system?

Common Problems

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Code Violations
  • Poor Power Quality
    • Harmonics affecting critical systems caused by:
      • Variable speed drives
      • Welding
      • Electrical discharge machinery
      • Laser Cutting
      • Controllers/PLCs
    • Improper Grounding due to:
      • The addition of new, automated machinery and equipment
      • Original electrical infrastructure was not designed for current uses
    • Harsh Environment
      • Electrical equipment should be de-energized, cleaned, tightened, and lubricated on a regular basis
      • Oil misters, coolants, metal fillings, powered metal dust, carbide, graphite, etc., infiltrate electrical components, which can cause tracking
    • Heavy Energy Usage:
      • This generates excessive amounts of heat that cause connections to loosen due to shrinkage and expansion. Loose connections cause arcing that generates extreme heat and high resistance, which is a major safety concern and also results in an in efficient use of power.
    • Budget Constraints
      • Maintenance department has many responsibilities

Critical Areas

  • Incoming service
  • Main transformers(s) oil & dry
  • Bus duct
  • Production and manufacturing areas
    • Automated production lines
    • CNC machinery
    • Testing and inspection areas
    • Welding areas
    • Electric furnaces
    • Metal Forging
    • Stamping
    • Fabrication

Financial benefits of Electrical Preventative Maintenance

  • Predictive budget
  • Minimize or eliminate unexpected outages and untimely repairs
  • Extend the life/lower replacement costs
  • Lower liability risks
  • Greatly reduce electrical fires
  • Computerized documentation for your electrical distribution system

Equipment Loss Examples: Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

  • A power surge damaged two computer circuit boards , halting a metal shearing operation for nearly a week. Materials and workers were sent to another plant several hundred miles away to meet production requirements. TOTAL LOSS: $52,026
  • An AC coil in a transformer shorts out, causing a plastic manufacturer to lose power. HSB specialists helped the insured obtain a rental generator unit to reduce the interruption. TOTAL LOSS $180,629
  • A faulty circuit in a water pump caused a manufacturer’s fire tube boiler to dry fire. The boiler was severly damages. TOTAL LOSS $90,600
  • Sawdust in an electrical distribution panel of a furniture manufacturer caused electrical arcing that severly damaged the interior of the panel. Overtime was required to make up lost production. TOTAL LOSS $35,687

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