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De-energized Electrical Maintenance
 is just one of the ways Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors can protect your electrical distribution system.

Scheduling a shutdown to safely clean and torque, if required, helps eliminate potential electrical hazards and failure.

Did you know that loose connections, moisture, parts malfunction, insulation issues and accumulation of dust and oil create nearly 60% of electrical distribution system failures, according to reports by industry sources?

Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors has the experience and tools to offer de-energized electrical maintenance testing services in South Carolina & Georgia. 

Switchgear, Circuit Breakers & Distribution

  • Low, Medium, & High Voltage

  • Primary & Secondary Breaker Testing

  • Contact Resistance

  • Secondary Injection

  • Solid-State Breaker Trip Conversions

  • Breaker Inspection & Cleaning

  • Breaker Conversions, Air Break & Vacuum

  • Breaker Maintenance

  • Filling & Commissioning

  • Breaker Replacement & Parts

  • Breaker Retrofits & Rebuilds

  • Hi-Potential (Hi-Pot) Testing

  • Megger Test


  • Dry, Oil, Current Transformers

  • Turns Ratio Testing

  • Power Factor

  • Oil Sampling & Analysis

  • Winding Resistance

  • Polarization Index

  • Di-Electric Test

Cable Testing

  • Insulation Tests

  • Medium-Voltage Cable Testing

Power Services

  • Industrial Contracting

  • Drive Repair & Service

  • Control Solutions

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • Motor Circuit Testing

  • New UPS Systems (All Types)

  • New Generators

  • Generator Repair & Maintenance

  • Machine Relocation

  • Explosion Proof Applications

  • Dry Ice Cleaning

  • Capacitor Bank Protection

  • Design Build


  • ATS Maintenance & Testing

Arc Flash Services & Power Quality

  • New or Update Your Arc Flash

  • Short Circuit

  • Coordination & Load Flow

  • Ground Grid Verification

  • Ground Grid Testing

  • Power Quality Monitoring

  • Adequate Systems Protection

  • Required Arc Flash Labeling

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