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Electrical Installation in Charleston, SC

Mount Pleasant, Summerville, SC and the surrounding areas

Transworld Electric can handle all your electrical equipment installation service and repair needs in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and the surrounding areas. All electricians are licensed and you can trust that all installations will be completed safely and according to the NEC code.

Many older homes have undersized electrical equipment and require new wire addition or updated to improve safety and reliability. Whether you’re adding more outlets, replacing ungrounded receptacle or expanding your electrical panel, our licensed electricians can help make your electrical system up to code and improve the safety of your home or business. All of Transworld Electric’s electricians are licensed and we have strict quality and safety controls to make sure you are getting the best.

Transworld Electric offers the following electrical installation and repair services:

  • Service Upgrades/Replacement (Switches, Receptacles, Wiring)
  • Circuit breaker replacements
  • Dedicated circuit connections
  • Install Outlets And Switches
  • Grounding (GFCI/AFCI) outlet installations
  • Complete Rewiring
  • Wiring for additions
  • Lighting and ceiling fan installations
  • Dedicated Circuits, Junction Boxes
  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Transworld Electric’s electricians are always continuous to detail, no matter the project size. You can trust that our licensed electricians will look and act professionally at every level. We focus on providing top quality service and we understand that a home is someone’s biggest asset.

Don’t trust amateurs with your pride and joy.

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