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Exhaust Fan Services in Charleston, SC

Mount Pleasant, Summerville, SC and the surrounding areas

Transworld Electric offers exhaust fan service and repairs in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and the surrounding areas.

What services does Transworld Electric offer for exhaust fans?

Bathroom Exhaust Fan:

  • Transworld Electric electricians will provide power and replace defective motors for bathroom exhaust fans.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan:

  • Transworld Electric electricians can provide power for your kitchen exhaust fan.

Why do I need bathroom exhaust fan repairs?

The purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan is to control moisture and remove airborne odors and pollutants.  If the bathroom exhaust fan isn’t working properly it will allow condensation to form which can lead to streaking or the paint to bubble and separate from the walls and window casings. Moisture can then get into the walls and allow mold to grow and ruin the drywall. Repairing your bathroom exhaust fan will help the fan move moist air out of the room prevent mold growth in your house.

** It is recommended to clean your bathroom exhaust fans every 6 months.

Kitchen exhaust fans are typically located inside the hood vent which is located above the stove. A kitchen exhaust fan helps to move moist air food odors, and smoke out of the kitchen. These exhaust fans can get dirty from grease and other food-related substances in the air so it is important to clean them regularly to prevent a grease fire.

** It is recommended to clean your kitchen exhaust fans every 3 months.

When to call an electrician for exhaust fan repairs?

If you have an older unit or you begin to notice that your exhaust is no longer making a difference in the room’s humidity level, it might be time to have it inspected by a licensed electrician. Many times a broken exhaust fan doesn’t need to be replaced but can be repaired by a licensed electrician. Fixing or updated your exhaust fan will allow it to be more efficient and effective at moving the moisture out of the room as well as quieter.

Kitchen and Bathroom Exhaust Fan Repair Near Me

Why choose Transworld Electric?

Transworld Electric has been trusted in Charleston since 1987. All of our electricians are all licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to handle all your electrical service needs.

Additionally, all of our employees are background checked and drug tested.  We don’t hire any electrical helpers so you can trust that the electrician who arrives is experienced professional and performs every job efficiently and safely.

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