Transworld Electric was recently contacted by a local manufacturing company to complete an LED lighting upgrade project. After Transworld Electric’s licensed electricians installed the new LED light fixtures they noticed that the newly installed LED lights were flickering. Our licensed electricians are trained to diagnose electrical issues and knew that the flickering LED lights could be a sign that there was a problem in the electrical system. Our electricians proceeded to troubleshoot the manufacturing company’s electrical system and were able to conclude that the LED light fixtures were flickering due to improper grounding in the main electrical system and also discovered that the main service panel was in poor condition. Another sign that the electrical system wasn’t grounded properly was the lack of ground receptacles in the building which can be common in manufacturing buildings over 20-30 years old.  Transworld Electric recommended that the main service be replaced and proper grounding installing. Upon completion, our electricians verified and tested the ground system.

Importance of a properly grounded electrical system:

Having a properly maintained and safe grounding system is critical for protecting both the safety of your employees as well as expensive equipment. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) states that “better than 80% of all electronic system failures that are attributed to power anomalies are actually the result of electrical wiring or grounding errors or are generated by other loads within the customer’s facility.” Grounding should be carried out by a certified electrician.

Additional benefits of proper grounding:

  • Eliminates shock hazards

  • Protects equipment from voltage

  • Prevents electrical fires

  • Reduces equipment repair cost and downtime

  • Lowers levels of electrical noise (fluctuations in an electrical signal)

Are your LED light fixtures flickering?

Flickering LED lights are more than just an annoyance; they are a sign that there is a problem in the electrical system. Improper grounding may not always be the reason behind flickering LED lights but it is always important to pay attention to these signs and hire a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical system to resolve the issue.

If you have flickering LED lights or think you have grounding issues, please fill out the contact form below or call Transworld Electric today at (843) 577–3491.

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