EnergyWise for Your Hotel & Lodging Business 

Dominion Energy recently shared a Hotel and Lodging Incentives Tip Sheet that provides a summary of common energy efficiency measures used in hotels, and facets of energy usage in the lodging industry. Transworld Electric has shared the sheet below for customers to review. 

Download Here -> Hotel and Lodging Incentives Tip Sheet

Measures on the Hotel and Lodging Incentives sheet include HVAC, Refrigeration, Food Service, and Lighting equipment. Customers that utilize a diverse mix of measures can receive up to $100,000 per program type per tax ID number each program year. Program types include HVAC, Food Service, High-Efficiency Equipment, Lighting, and customs.

Transworld Electric is a full-service electrical contractor and is committed to helping our customers choose more efficient technologies that will improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs in their facilities.

If you have any questions about incentives, applications, or potential projects, please contact Transworld Electric to learn more about The EnergyWise for Your Business program offered by Dominion Energy and how it can offset costs on your next project. 


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