It was a downer to find out my generator was not large enough (8000-10000 Watts) to handle our AC even though I was led to believe it would. At first I hesitated to have the work done since it was a lot of money (however a fair price). I decided to go forward. With that said, John and Walter did an excellent job and represented Transworld Electric with very high marks. Punctual, Professional, Pleasant, Informative and Helpful are just a few descriptions they exhibited. The best comment I want to add is Caring. They cared about the quality and they cared about being sure I FULLY understood the operation of the generator and transfer box. In fact, after they left I thought of another question. I called your OFFICE and they put John in touch with me and he responded quickly and again showed patience and concern. It is a company and Staff like Transworld Electric that makes me wish I had more reasons to call upon their services. Thank You, John Burkel

John Burkel

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