Charles and Sean showed up on the time frame I was given. Knowledgable and professional. Put up 3 new lights for me and troubleshoot wiring in a small bedroom. Had problem fixed in a timely manner. I choose them from some of the local guide reviews. Other sites just had random people with 5 star rating and only one review in there lifetime. Not really the reviews I trust. This company will be getting my business anytime I need a professional electrician. Updated review 11/10/2020 Have used them twice before. Always great service and able to make appointments. Had made an 8 to 10 window appointment today ( Tuesday )a week in advance. Lady said she would call and verify Monday which never called. I called today at 915 am to check on status. Lady told me I was scheduled for Wednesday. Wth Anyways tried to reschedule for following Tuesday or Thursday. Was told they no longer can schedule an appointment. Will be an 8 to 4 window with a call 30 before arriving. An 8hr window in advance is out of the question in this fast paced world for me. Maybe ok for others. Just to many other places that can work with my schedule.

John Doe

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