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Lighting upgrades are the easiest, most cost-effective way to save energy. Installing energy efficient fixtures can reduce lighting electricity use by 50 percent or more.

Transworld can help create a lighting layout with foot candle levels and help calculate esenergy savings, ROI and assist in providing financing.
Transworld is a Santee Cooper Trade Alley. You’re company may qualify for rebates.

 Lighting Upgrades Include:

  • Covert T-12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts to high-performance T-8 maps and ballasts
  • Install occupancy and daylight sensors
  •  Replace incandescent fixtures with CFLs
  • Replace outdated high bay lighting with an energy efficient option
  •  Installation of LEDs

T12 Fluorescent bulbs are no longer manufactured as of July 2012. Once supplies run out you will have to retrofit your lighting.

Recent lighting Upgrades Include:

Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel Parking Garage Lighting Upgrade

  • Reduce the lighting portion of their utility bill by nearly 74%
  • Read more about the success story on our Blog, Transworld Talks!

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