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Industrial Electricians in South Carolina

Transworld Electric has highly trained industrial electricians in South Carolina and Georgia.

With over 30 years of experience, we have the extensive knowledge and experience required to understand the strict and complex set of rules and regulations that are required to ensure that your electrical system is up-to-date with newest electrical safety codes. Whether you need periodic schedule maintenance or immediate industrial service repair, you can trust our highly professional industrial electricians.

Transworld Electric offers turn-key industrial services including the following industrial electrical services in South Carolina:

  • Power Services

    • Industrial Contracting

    • VLF Testing, Megger, Hi-pot

    • Drive Repair & Service

    • Controls Solution

    • Maintenance Contracts

    • Motor Circuit Testing

    • New UPS Systems (All Types)

    • Generator Installation, Repair & Maintenance

    • Machine Relocation

    • Explosion Proof Applications

    • Capacitor Bank Protection

    • ATS Maintenance & Testing

    • Lighting Retrofits/ LED Solutions

  • Switchgear, Circuit Breakers & Distribution

    • Breaker Inspection & Cleaning

    • Breaker Replacement & Parts

    • Breaker Retrofits & Rebuilds

    • Primary & Secondary Testing

    • Solid-state Breaker Trip Conversions

    • Breaker Conversions, Air Breaks & Vacuum

    • Primary Switch Testing

    • Transformer Oil Testing & TTR

  • Electrical Equipment Installation, Repair, & Maintenance

  • Arc Flash Service/ Power Quality

  • Customized Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Transworld Electric understands that your electrical system needs a safe and reliable industrial electrician to remain successful; our industrial electricians work hard to keep you ready for success.

Transworld Electric’s industrial electricians offer industrial electrical services throughout South Carolina.

We have an unlimited electrical license in SC, NC & GA.

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