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Megohmmeter/ Insulation Testing

Megohmmeter/ Insulation Testing

Megohmmeters, often referred to as insulation testers or ‘meggers’, are electrical meters used to determine the condition of the insulation on wires and motor windings.

There are traditionally 3 types of megohmmeters:

  1. Analog hand crank

  2. Analog battery style

  3. Digital battery style.

Megohmmeter testing:

Megohmmeters introduce a high voltage, low current DC (direct current) charge and measure the resistance to determine leakage and identify faulty or damaged insulation which can lead to arc faults, blown circuits, and risk of electrical shock and/or fire.

Megohmmeter best practices:

Megohmmeters are regularly used following installation to ensure proper installation, as well as, part of a predictive maintenance program. Megohmmeter testing can be used on wires, switches, breakers, switchgear; basically, anything that has a resistive value needs to be tested. Megohmmeters can also be used for polar index testing and dielectric absorption testing on transformers and motors.

Benefits of megohmmeter testing:

Megohmmeters can test cable systems for maintenance errors, incorrect installation, serious degradation, or contamination. Implementing the regular use of a megohmmeter to check insulation as part of a maintenance program can ensure the safety of your circuits. As with any predictive maintenance program, comparing results gathered over time will help with scheduling diagnostic and regular work, which reduces from unexpected failures.

Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors has the equipment and experience necessary to handle all your megohmmeter testing needs.

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