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Micro-Ohmmeter : (DLRO)

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A Micro-Ohmmeter, also known as a digital low resistance ohmmeter (DLRO), measures low resistance values in micro-ohms at specific currents.

Micro-Ohmmeter best practices:

  • The low resistance ohmmeter makes measurements by passing a current through the conductor under test and also monitoring the voltage across it using ohms law.

Benefits of Micro-Ohmmeter testing:

  • Changes in the value of a low-resistance element are one of the best and quickest indicators of degradation between two points of contact such as loose or corroded connections or poorly made connections. Test results can be used to identify changes caused by fatigue, corrosion, vibration, temperature or other conditions that may occur at the site.

Testing equipment:

  • In general manufacturing industries, motor windings, ground bonds, circuit-breakers, switches, transformer winding, bus-bar connections, coils, ground beds, lightning conductors, small transformers and resistive components all require low-resistance testing.

Many industries must include low-resistance ohmmeter measurements in their maintenance operations.

Identifying components where there is abnormal high resistance can help to prevent overheating, energy loss, protective fault device malfunction, poor grounding and catastrophic failure during power surges.

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