As Charleston embraces a greener future, more and more residents are making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). But owning an EV isn’t just about the car – it’s about optimizing your home charging experience. Enter the Level 2 EV charger, also known as a Stage II charger, your ticket to fast, convenient, and safe charging at home.

Why Choose a Level 2 Charger?

Think of it like this: a standard Level 1 charger, using a regular 120-volt outlet, is like trickling water into your car’s battery. It takes forever! A Level 2 charger, utilizing a 240-volt circuit, is like connecting a fire hose. It can add up to 60 miles of range per hour, depending on your EV model and charger specifications. Perfect for busy schedules and spontaneous adventures!

What to Know Before Installation

Now, while the idea of zipping around town with a fully charged EV is exciting, some planning is involved. Here’s what Charleston residents need to consider:

Electrical Capacity: Your home’s existing electrical system might not be equipped for the increased demand of a Level 2 charger. We recommend contacting a licensed electrician like Transworld Electric Inc. to assess your system and recommend any necessary upgrades, like a service panel upgrade or dedicated circuit installation.
Charger Type & Location: Different charger models offer varying features and amperage levels. Consider your charging needs, budget, and desired location (garage, driveway, etc.) when selecting your charger. Remember, Charleston weather factors like humidity and potential flooding might influence placement choices.
Permits & Incentives: Installing a Level 2 charger often requires permits from the City of Charleston. Don’t worry, Transworld Electric Inc. can navigate the permitting process for you. Additionally, check out state and federal incentives like tax credits that can offset installation costs. Resources like the South Carolina Department of Commerce and offer up-to-date information.
Partnering with Transworld Electric Inc.

At Transworld Electric Inc., we’re Charleston’s trusted experts in Level 2 EV charger installation. Our team of licensed electricians is familiar with local regulations and best practices, ensuring a safe and efficient installation process. We offer:

Free consultations: Discuss your needs and get a personalized quote.
Expert advice: We help you choose the right charger for your situation.
Seamless installation: We handle permits, scheduling, and professional installation.
Post-installation support: We’re here to answer any questions and ensure your charger operates smoothly.
Ready to electrify your Charleston lifestyle? Contact Transworld Electric Inc. today for a free consultation and start enjoying the convenience and benefits of a Level 2 EV charger at home!
Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. Always consult with a qualified electrician before installing a Level 2 EV charger in your home.

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