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As the number of electronics in homes continues to grow, homes are in need of a surge protection system more than ever.

Having a licensed electrician install a whole-home surge protector can save you thousands on the replacement cost of expensive electrical devices such as home entertainment systems,  kitchen appliances, home office equipment, and other expensive electronics. Also, many homeowners may even qualify for additional discounts through their insurance companies.

Tired of replacing expensive appliances & electronics?

Contact Transworld Electric today to learn more about installing surge protection in your home. Our professional electricians always follow the latest safety standards and you can trust our electricians to protect your home and family.

Understanding surge protection:

A whole-home surge protector redirects excess current safely to ground – blocking it before it has a chance to escape into the circuitry of your home. Although power surges don’t typically present a fire hazard and aren’t required by building codes or homeowners insurance carriers, the National Fire Protection Association and the Institute for business and Home Safety recommends installing one in your home. Homeowners invest thousands of dollars into appliances and electronics in their home and without surge protection, all of these electronics are gradually eroding over time.

What causes power surges?

Over 80% of power surges are transient (short, intense) burst and we generate them ourselves within our homes. These power surges occur many times every day and are mostly very mild and very brief. Although these power surges may not cause any initial damage, over time they will add up and degrade the performance of electronics and cut short their useful lifespans.

          Majority of power surges come from:

  • Major Appliances: Appliances cycling on and off during the day, account for 80% of power surges occurring in the home.
  • Faulty Wiring: It is important to have your home electrical system inspected for safety?
  • Downed Lines: From wind, accidents, branches, animals, and more.
  • Electrical Equipment Problems and Repairs: Which can result in extreme spikes and drops.

What kind of surge protection does my home need?

The type of surge protection you choose will depend on your budget and the cost of the equipment you are protecting. But regardless of your circumstances, unless you want a lot of costly repairs and replacements down the track, the time to get some form of surge protection is right now.

In many cases, a licensed electrician can install a surge protection device directly into your electrical panel. This process can be inexpensive and a couple of hundred dollars can protect your thousands worth of appliances and electronics. Proper installation of a surge protector is essential so it’s necessary that it is installed by a qualified and licensed electrician. A licensed electrician will all ensure that the home is properly grounded. Even if you install the best surge protector in your house, it will not work properly if the house’s wiring isn’t properly grounded. The function of a whole house surge protector makes proper grounding essential, as surge protection is only as good as the grounding system it is connected to. We also recommend installing supplemental surge protection or a surge protection outlet near sensitive electronics like TVs and computers.

Not sure if you will need an upgraded ground system?

Transworld Electric has licensed electricians in Charleston, SC that can help to verify that properly grounding that will help make the most of the surge protection in your home.

There is no such thing as too much surge protection!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Aren’t most power surges caused by lightning strike?
    • A whole home surge protector will protect your home from a lighting strike but lighting strikes are very rare. For a lighting strike to cause harm to your house, it has to be less than 1 mile away and in fact the majority of surge-related damage is not caused by lighting but more commonly due to downed power lines, sudden change in electricity used by a nearby factory or even the cycling on and off or various appliances. Many times it’s not on major surge that affects equipment but rather minor power fluctuations that may not show damage for some time.
  • Are power strips considered surge protectors?
    • Many homeowners believe that they will receive adequate surge protection by plugging their computers and other appliances into a power strip. Unfortunately, many power strips are basically just an extension cord. Also, many plug in surge protectors only diffuse energy spikes up to 6,000 volts, but a whole-house surge protector can block up to 20,000 volts of current.
  • Can a homeowner install surge protector themselves or should they hire a professional?
    • Electrical work is dangerous and requires a professional licensed electrician. A licensed electrician can install a whole home surge protector in typically less than 2 hours. The electrical wiring on your service panel may be confusing, improperly installed, or house defects that could pose a danger to DIY installers not in-the-know. In addition, without proper grounding, your whole home surge protector will not function properly. For the safety of your home, your appliances, and your family, consult a professional for whole house surge protector installation.
  • What electronics are most vulnerable to power surges?
    • Power surges can damage anything electrical. Many electronics and appliances contain microprocessors that are particularly sensitive to power surges since they only function properly when they have the right voltage. This includes everything from central hearing and air conditioning to kitchen appliances and entertainment technology.

Have more questions about installing a whole home surge protection system?

Contact Transworld Electric today to speak with one of our professionals. We have been a local electrical contractor in Charleston, SC since 1987. Our licensed electricians have the skills and experience to help find the best surge protection services for your unique home. We pride ourselves on always delivering excellence and you will experience that every time you call Transworld Electric.

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