Transworld Electrical Contractors proudly stands out at the 15th Annual Electricians Competition and Career Fair, showcasing our unwavering commitment to education and the growth of the electrician industry. The performance of our apprentices at this prestigious event is a testament to the value we place on continuous learning and skill development.

Jonathan Childers, a second-year apprentice  demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication by clinching 1st Place in his category. Phillip Brown, a fourth-year apprentice the apprentice program program, also shone brightly with his 1st Place win.



Brian Inman, another accomplished fourth-year apprentice from our team, secured an impressive 2nd Place, .



Perry Cummins, also a fourth-year apprentice, rounded off our success by securing 3rd Place, highlighting the skill set and capabilities we foster at Transworld Electrical Contractors…



We firmly believe in the importance of education and development to meet the ever-growing demand for skilled electricians in today’s dynamic industry landscape. All competitors showcased the talent, depth of knowledge, and technical proficiency Transworld Electric Inc. and CECA promote.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Charleston Electrical Contractor Association (CECA) and Trident Technical College for organizing this esteemed event and providing a platform for showcasing excellence and fostering collaboration within the industry. Together, we are meeting industry demands, and shaping a brighter future for electricians and electrical contractors alike.


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