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TEGG is an electrical hazard detection service that will protect your electrical distribution system – and your entire facility.

TEGG provides customized solutions that will suit your individual business needs and pay for themselves by helping avoid unplanned power outages and electrical fires. TEGG coincides with the NFPA 70B Standards, NFPA 70E:  Electrical Safe Work Practices which is necessary for your facility to become Arc Flash Compliant according to the 6 Point Compliance Checklist.

 What do our customers say?

“These services would be beneficial to all markets, not just healthcare. We are under a different standard because of DHEC and the dependability of being a hospital but with schools and any industrial or commercial building; you’re going to have a dependability that your system works. I could see this service being valuable to everyone” – Dennis Spring.

Read our Customer Story from Dennis Spring, Trades Coordinator, at Roper St. Francis and the many benefits that our TEGG service has provided for his hospital.

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