Transworld wants you to have a blast at your 4th of July Independence Day celebration but don’t let fireworks spark any trouble!

Fireworks Safety Tips

  • It is important to be safe and legal if you are planning to purchase, sell, or use fireworks. If you have questions, you may contact your local fire department or sheriff’s office.
  • Always obey local laws regarding the use of fireworks.
  • Follow the directions on all fireworks, read ALL the cautionary labels and performance descriptions before lighting.
  • Never use homemade fireworks.
  • Report illegal explosives to the nearest fire or police department.
  • When lighting fireworks, always have water handy.
  • Spectators should remain a safe distance from the fireworks being lit.
  • Never give fireworks to children.
  • Do not mix alcohol and fireworks.
  • Only light fireworks outdoors in a clear area and a safe distance from buildings and vehicles.
  • Only light one firework at a time.
  • Never relight a firework that didn’t work the first time. Wait 20 minutes and then soak in a bucket of water before you discard it.
  • Dispose of all firework materials by first soaking them in water before putting them in the trash.
  • Keep sparklers away from clothing and other flammable materials.

Pet Precautions

Most animals are frightened by fireworks. Protect your pets on the fourth of July by taking some basic precautions.

  • Don’t take your pets to fireworks displays.
  • Don’t leave your pets in a car by themselves.
  • Don’t leave your pets unattended outside.
  • During public fireworks displays, keep your pets in a safe place indoors where they won’t be able to destroy anything.
  • If your home isn’t soundproof, you might want to leave the television or radio on so your pets won’t hear the fireworks.

Besides Fireworks

Fireworks are usually the first thing most people think of when it comes to the Fourth of July, but don’t forget about other summer safety tips that may be relevant during your celebration.

  • Wear sunblock and hats to protect against the hot Charleston summer sun.
  • Wear protective gear for bicycling and other sports.
  • Stay hydration and drink plenty of water.
  • Always be aware of your surrounding while swimming and never let a child a swim unattended.
  • Never swim in or near marinas, docks, or boatyards. Don’t swim around electricity.

If you see something that is unsafe, say something or report it to your local fire or police department.

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