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Transworld Electric offers residential electrical services in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas. You can trust that our licensed Professional electricians are prepared to safely handle all your electrical service needs and repairs according to code.

Don’t trust amateurs with your pride and joy.

“We can’t say enough good things about this company. They stood behind their word and arrived on time and on the scheduled date. When technicians arrived they were knowledgeable, informative and professional. As well they took the time to explain to us the problem and a solution. We would highly recommend Transworld, Inc. for service. You will not be disappointed. Many thanks to this company.”  – K. Donahue, Homeowner – 

  • Lighting And Ceiling Fan Installations
  • Lighting Retrofits (LED), Lighting Design
  • Electrical Troubleshooting And Diagnosing
  • Service Upgrades/Replacement (Switches, Receptacles, Wiring)
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station
  • Complete Rewiring
  • Electrical Code Compliance
  • Home Safety Inspection & Pricing Repairs
  • Install Outlets And Switches
  • Surge Protection
  • ChargePoint Express 100 Installation: Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Home Electrical Hazard Detection Service: CurrentSAFE
  • Entrance and Power Distribution
  • Dedicated Circuits, Junction Boxes
  • Bathroom Upgrades/Remodel
  • Kitchen Upgrades/Remodel
  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation
  • Grounding (GFCI/AFCI)
  • Flickering Lights
    • Flickering lights is most commonly due to a poor connection along the circuit. If you notice flickering lights throughout your whole house, this could be due issues with the main wiring connection.
  • Tripping Breaker
    • The circuit breaker could be overloaded and may need to be upgraded to accommodate your increased power needs.
  • Outlets Not Working
    • This could be caused by a poor connection along a circuit or a GFCI that needs to be reset. Any sparks or blackening around an outlet needs to be inspected by a licensed electrician.
  • Warm Outlet or Switches
    • This is a safety concern and can lead to an increased risk of an electrical fire.
  • Frequent Power Surges
    • Power surges can ruin electronic equipment and requires a license electrician to inspect your electrical connections.
  • No GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)
    • GFCIs are required by the National Electric Code to be installed anywhere near water.
  • Ungrounded Outlets
    • If your outlets only have two-plugs, then they are not grounded and need to be upgraded to a grounding system.
  • High Electric Bills
    • This could be due to one of the following reasons:
      • Wiring and circuit in your house may have been damaged
      • Your power supplier might not be cost-effective
      • Outdated electrical devices in your home that consume more power
      • Leakage in electrical systems
  • Bulbs Burning Out Quickly – There are a number of other reasons why your lights are burning out to often such as:
    • Insulation is too close to the light
    • Bad wiring on the circuit
    • Bad wiring on the mains

If you notice any of these ongoing electric problems in your home, call to schedule an appointment with Transworld Electric today. Our licensed residential electricians can help you diagnose the electrical problems in your home and provide you with peace of mind.

Safety: Our licensed Charleston electrician are continuously attentive to detail, no matter the project size. Every electrician will arrive equipped for every task and will complete it safely according to code and in a timely and professional manner. All of our electricians are licensed and have received the latest training in OSHA, National Electric Code, NFPA 70 and are First Aid and CPR certified.

Trust: You can trust that our licensed residential electricians will look and act professionally at every level. All of our electricians arrive in a company vehicle, are dressed in company uniform and will wear booties while in your home. Transworld Electric requires all electricians to be background checked and drug tested. We focus on providing top quality service and we understand that a home is someone’s biggest asset.

Professional: All of our Electricians are State Licensed Journeyman or Master Electricians and have an average of 10 years of field experience. Many of our electricians have graduated from our Charleston Apprenticeship Program which includes 4 years of classroom and “on the job” training.

Prepared: All of our Electricians are provided with a company marked service vehicle that is fully stocked with hundreds of commonly used electrical materials to ensure that we have the right material to successfully complete each service call.

Our mission at Transworld Electric is to provide the best possible electrical service to our customers and we have strict quality and safety controls to make sure you are getting the best. We serve all of Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, James Island, Johns Island, and surrounding areas.

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