You can afford arc flash.

In the past few years we have noticed an increase interest from our customers on arc flash but there are some common misconceptions about performing an arc flash hazard assessment. Many believe that performing an arc flash hazard assessment will be extremely time consuming and expensive but Transworld, Inc. can help you achieve true arc flash compliance for a fraction of the cost.

How can we achieve arc flash compliance for a fraction of the cost?

The first step in performing an arc flash hazard assessment is data gathering which is typically completed by the engineering consultant who is calculating the arc flash hazard assessment.  Transworld, Inc . can help you greatly reduce this cost by having our electricians perform the data gathering for your facility. Our electricians are all licensed and are NFPA 70E qualified. Besides the reduced cost due to paying an electrician’s rate compared to an engineer’s rate, our electricians can also perform NFPA 70E Safety-Related Maintenance. This is important because an arc flash hazard assessment is calculated assuming that your electrical equipment will work as it was designed by the manufacturer. Performing the necessary energized and de-energized maintenance will identify any electrical issues that are present. Failure to perform the recommended NFPA 70E Safety-Related Maintenance will reduce the effectiveness of the assessment and can increase electrical hazards.

After Transworld, Inc.’s electricians complete the data gathering and required maintenance, we provide you with a complete online asset management system where you can easily identify all your equipment including equipment condition. This online asset management system can easily be shared with the electrical engineer that is performing the calculations necessary to complete the arc flash hazard assessment.

Once the engineering analysis is completed, you will receive the engineering report and labels for your electrical equipment.  Our electricians will return to install the labels to ensure that they are put on the correct electrical equipment. Transworld, Inc. hand delivers every report and reviews the results to the customer. We also offer NFPA 70E qualification training which is required for you to be arc flash compliant and how to identify electrical hazards in your facility. OSHA 1910.332 requires employers to train and qualify their employees for safe work practices and standard operating procedures to reduce the hazards and increase worker safety.

An arc flash study is not a one-time event; it needs to be updated any time there is a change to the electrical system. Section 130.5 of NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace specifies that arc flash hazard analysis shall be updated whenever there is a major modification or renovation to the electrical system (e.g., changing a feed or adding large motors). Additionally, NFPA 70E requires that the electrical equipment is maintained in accordance with manufactures instructions or industry consensus standards. Transworld, Inc. offers customizable electrical maintenance programs that will ensure that your electrical equipment is maintained appropriately. When performing our electrical maintenance our electricians will update the online asset management system which allows you to assists with data gathering for future engineering studies.

If you need assistance with affordable arc flash, Transworld, Inc. can help.

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