Infrared/Thermal Testing (IR), or Infrared Thermography, is used to measure or map surface temperatures based on the infrared radiation given off by an object as heat flows through, to or from that object. Thermal imaging can be used to detect corrosion damage, delaminations, disbonds, voids, inclusions as well as many other detrimental conditions. This week we had seven of our electricians become Level II Certified Infrared Thermographer: Jamal Wright, Al Hicks, Steven Spohnholz, Kent Carson, Lamar Green, Ron Holmes, and Milton Cone. This course covers advanced infrared theory, equipment calibration, error sources, cross-verification with contact thermometers, advanced equipment operation, use of windows and filters, assigning temperature limits and repair priorities, and quantitative report generation.

Transworld invited an industry leader, Joe DeMonte to teach the course. He is the Director of Operations for ABM/TEGG and is ASNT Level 3 Infrared Thermography Certified. Joe DeMonte has a long time relationship with Transworld and has worked with our company for years.

“ I really enjoy working with Transworld. Everyone on the crew is always very professional, knowledgeable and their hospitality is next to none. I’m constantly learning something from their crew and they’re one of my favorite companies. Jim Ritter does a wonderful job with growing the company and I can see why they are an industry leader.”

Joe DeMonte has over 20 years of industry and training experience. He understands the importance of continuing education and the impact it has on the entire company.

“After becoming ASNT Level II Infrared Thermographer certified, Transworld’s electricians will be the experts in the area. There are very few electricians with this qualification, especially in the Carolina area. During the classes they will gain knowledge and be tested on quantum physics and the advanced electrical application that makes them the experts in thermal imaging.”

Transworld to provide all our employees with the latest training in safety, technical and leadership skills so each employee can advance in their careers. We are proud of our electricians and excited to have 7 more Level II Infrared Thermography Certified electricians.

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