Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is a 501c3 that provides sanctuary for dogs and cats with no other home or shelter, rescues and cares for animals in need of assistance for the remainder of their lives, including providing proper shelter, nutrition, and medical care. They have 70 outdoor kennels that all require power for heat lamps and some have electric fences. The original wiring infrastructure (not done by Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors) was done all underground with a direct burial cable. Direct burial cables can cause problems over the years and tend to have a short lifespan. Over time the burial cables began to break down and the staff at Hallie Hill had to be on standby because of the frequently tripping breakers.

Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors provided a solution that allowed Hallie Hill to abandon all of the existing underground burial cables on the property. Our licensed electricians installed underground rated PVC conduit to every kennel and to the well house. Our electricians trenched and installed close to 3,000 ft. of conduit and wiring throughout the property over a one month period. With the wiring now in the underground rated PVC conduit,  Hallie Hill will be able to enjoy many years of uninterrupted power to all the kennels.

Great bunch of guys! They gave a great price, showed up in time, were very nice and professional. The job was physically demanding, but they pushed through and did excellent work. I will definitely recommend them to friends and associates.

Jennifer Middleton, Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary 

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