Chandeliers can help add beauty to your home. Installing a new chandelier can be quick and easy, but we recommend asking yourself these questions before installation. 

  • Do I need an additional support system for the weight of the chandelier?

  • Can I reach the ceiling or do I need a lift?

  • Do I have the proper equipment? (Chain link cutters, support fittings, electrical lines, etc.)

  • Is the wiring up to National Electric Code standards?

  • Is there an existing fixture or does one need to be installed?

  • Did I verify all the parts and pieces for installation? (Especially important if bought used or consignment)

  • Do I have the experience and knowledge to install safely?

  • Do I have the manpower? Is this a one-person job?

Hiring an electrician for your chandelier project can ensure that your fixture is hung carefully and correctly.

Transworld electricians are licensed, insured and have the experience necessary to help you with all your chandelier needs.

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