As an electrical contracting company we believe it is our responsibility to educate the community on fire safety and protection. Almost all home fires can be prevented and last year the American Red Cross responded to more than 63,000 home fires. That’s one every 8 minutes and results in home fires being the single most common disaster across the nation. We are dedicated to decreasing the number of home fires, therefore saving families and their homes.

Every day we focus on ensuring our customers are safe by maintaining their electrical systems and detecting potential electrical fire risks that may be present, but fires can originate from many different sources. We believe it is important that home owners understand the potential fire hazards that are present in their home and the best methods of prevention. After being in business for over 25 years and having over 225 years of combined industry experience, Transworld has gained ample knowledge that we believe will benefit the community and reduce the number of home fires. We reached out to Trident Medical Center, a long-term loyal customer of Transworld, about presenting material to their employees on fire safety and prevention. Transworld wanted to show Trident’s employees that we care for their safety on and off the job. We presented to them to the dangers of home fires and ways they can prevent fires in their home. The employees benefited by learning about fire prevention and safety plans that could be easily implemented into their homes. Transworld enjoys giving back to the community and we look forward to more opportunities in the future!

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