Absolutely a great & saving find!!! We had a major power surge in our home just before Thanksgiving. I wanted to have all the wiring in the house tested & knew from an experience many years ago that this would mean tearing out almost all of the sheetrock in the house to inspect the wiring. Much to my surprise, I found out that it’s possible to check the wiring without major destruction. Infrared & ultrasound of every wire behind the walls & removal of all the outlet faceplate to check voltages & resistance. That’s it. Jamal & Jamel were both excellent technicians. It took a day & a half to complete the survey & it was done in a friendly & professional manner. They even recommended installing a surge protector between the outside electrical service & my breaker panel so everything in the house is protected if this happens again in the future. Great team, great work hard an absolute pleasure knowing I won’t lose any electrical appliances should we have another surge. Thanks very much for an outstanding job & comprehensive written report of your findings.


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