The Navy Base in North Charleston used to be Charleston’s largest industry and the largest single employer in the history of South Carolina. Unfortunately, the Naval Base’s activity began to drastically decline after the end of World War II. In the past few years, North Charleston has been working on redeveloping the naval base to encourage economic development.

The Eternal Father of the Sea Navy Chapel was built in 1942 and the building embraces the history of the Naval Base. It is a nondenominational church that was used during WWII by sailors as a place to reflect on their faith. Many used the church for their wedding ceremony before they were sent to war. So when the Palmetto Railways planned a railway through the chapel’s location, the City of North Charleston chose to save the historic building by relocating it approximately one mile away.

Alongside Richard Marks Restoration, Transworld has been assisted in relocating and renovating the chapel to an upscale look while still maintaining its history.

Transworld performed the all the electrical services.

  • Installed an entirely new electrical system; from the outdoor meter and service disconnect, to all the switches and lighting throughout the building.
  • All of the interior and exterior lighting is energy efficient LED and installed with a state of the art diming system.
  • The chapel’s main fixtures were professionally rebuilt with energy efficient LED electronic.
  • We also provided all the outdoor and walkway lighting.
  • Our skilled electricians used a non-destructive wiring method that facilitated in the preservation of the historic chapel and brought the electrical system up to the latest up to date codes.

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