Top 5 Reasons to hire an Authorized Generac Dealer

Are you interested in installing a Generac standby generator at your home?

Installing a standby Generac generator at your home will help give you peace of mind when the power goes out. A reliable and affordable standby generator from Generac can help you prevent any losses and stay comfortable by keeping your system up and running. When you decide to purchase a Generac generator, it is important to hire an Authorized Generac generator dealer near you for proper installation. As the premier Generac generator dealer in Charleston, South Carolina, we’ve shared 5 reasons you should hire an Authorized Generac dealer for your generator installation.


When you decide to install a Generac home standby generator, Transworld Electric always recommend hiring an Authorized Generac dealer near you.

Top 5 reasons to hire an Authorized Generac dealer for your installation:

  1. Maintain Warranty

An Authorized Generac Dealer has the experience and education to install your Generac generator according to manufacturer’s specifications. Generac requires that all generator installs and generator repair are to be performed by an authorized Generac Dealer.

If your Generac home standby generator was not installed correctly, your Generac generator’s warranty could be voided entirely.

  1. Trained Technicians

As an Authorized Generac Dealer, our electricians are required to go to school every 3 years to get recertified on the newest codes and standards for Generac installs and repairs. Transworld Electric also requires all electricians to be licensed Journeyman or Master electricians, this means you’ll have a professional electrician you can trust to handle your Generac generator installation.

  1. Local Codes

Chooses a local Authorized Generac Dealer ensure that your Generac generator will be installed according to the local municipalities codes. This is especially important in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas that have many codes and regulations based on flood zones. If you’re looking for a Generac generator install in Charleston or the surrounding areas, Transworld Electric has installed hundreds of Generac generators over the years. Our Generac specialist can work with you to navigate any local code, regulation

  1. Factory Pricing

As an Authorized Generac Dealer, we get factory pricing and we have generators in stock as well as many commonly used parts.

  1. Quality Work

As an Authorized Generac Dealer, we’ve installed hundreds of Generac generators. We can work with you to find the best size generator for your house and provide you with a turn-key installation quote. When we complete the job, you will have a fully functional generator system at your home.

As the premier Generac Authorized Dealer of Charleston, we’ve installed hundreds of Generac generators over the years. You can trust Transworld Electric to install and service your Generac generator.

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