Are there ghosts in your electrical system?

We were recently asked to replace a breaker at a restaurant that was damaged by flooding during Hurricane Irma. Through years of experience, we have learned that it is crucial to test supporting component while replacing any piece of electrical equipment. Performing a root cause analysis allows us to diagnose problems rather than having the piece of equipment continuing to fail due to another underlying issue.

During testing, we uncovered bracing bars that had high conductivity beyond manufacturer’s specifications. The video below demonstrates how we confirmed that the bracing bars were conductive.

If gone undetected, the potential for a catastrophic failure was very high. The switchboard could have literally exploded as the power went phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground along the conductive bracing bars. The equipment that could have been lost would have cost many thousands of dollars to replace, weeks of revenue would have been lost, and people could have been hurt or killed.

Have professionals find these ghosts that may be hiding in your facility.

Happy Halloween!

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