Charleston is known for being a unique city with a historic past. Much of Charleston’s rich history can be represented through the historic homes. Many of these historic homes have survived the American Revolution and the Civil War. The history of these homes is priceless, irreplaceable and requires special care and attention especially when it comes to their electrical system. Historic homes require a special set of skills in order to remain in prestige condition and avoid damaging the valuable floors, walls, and ceilings.

Many of these historic homes were built prior to electricity or were wired with outdated wiring methods such as knob and tube wiring. Even if the electricity is still working, you should never assume that the electrical system is up to code. Many electrical hazards in your electrical system can be hidden behind the walls and can only be diagnosed by a licensed electrician.

When looking to hire an electrician for a historic home in Charleston, hiring a licensed electrician is not enough. Working in historic homes is a complex, demanding, and difficult process where experience is essential. Transworld, Inc.’s licensed electricians have 20+ years of experience and are specially trained to service and wire historic homes in Charleston, SC. Our extensive experience has taught us how to use a nondestructive technique that preserves the historic value. Over the years we’ve learned to understand the architecture of the historic homes in Charleston, SC. It is also important to recognize that they used bigger beams with rough cut wood to build many of these historic homes. All of this can only be obtained through years of experience.

You can trust that our licensed electricians will respect your historic home and come prepared with the materials necessary to protect the floors, walls, and furniture while we work. Whether you are looking to purchase a historic home in Charleston and need an electrical inspection or looking to update and rewire your home, our licensed electricians can provide your historic home with attention and care to detail that it deserves.

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