In correlation with primary and secondary injection testing, proper maintenance of industrial circuit breakers includes properly cleaning and exercising the industrial circuit breakers on an annual basis.

Remember, anytime you deal with electrical equipment you always need to take the proper precautions for safety. It is important that you always hire a professional licensed electrician with the appropriate training and tools to guarantee that your industrial circuit breakers are being properly maintained.

Transworld Electric is the South Carolina electrical contractor that you can trust in your facility.

How do you exercise the industrial circuit breakers?

To properly exercise industrial circuit breakers, you need to cut them on and off at least 5 times. This helps you test the mechanical components of the industrial circuit breaker and ensures that they are operating efficiently.

What tools do you need to clean industrial circuit breakers?

Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors is dedicated to safety and that includes having the proper tools that provide safety and protections during the process of cleaning an industrial circuit breakers. A grounding mat should be placed directly in front of the industrial circuit breaker the entire time. A screwdriver, 100% lint-free cotton, and denatured alcohol are necessary tools needed to clean industrial circuit breakers.

What is including in cleaning industrial circuit breakers?

Cleaning industrial circuit breakers has to be done very carefully. Before beginning any work all the power needs to turned off. The next step is to unscrew all of the screws on the outside to remove the cover. Once inside, look for any visible signs of dirt and debris. Unscrew the contact in order to better clean the wires. Always allow it to dry fully before putting the cover back on and turning the power back on. We remove the arc chutes and clean them and the internally breaker contacts.

What should you look for when cleaning industrial circuit breakers?

You should be looking for any tarnish or discoloration because this could be caused by the conditions and oxidation. Also, keep an eye out for any cracks, pitting, extreme wear; these are all signs of degrading equipment.

What happens if industrial circuit breakers are not properly maintained?

Failure to properly maintain industrial circuit breakers can lead to serious consequences. Failure to clean can cause dirt, dust, and other materials to accumulate on the industrial circuit breaker. This type of material can cause fluctuations in the power supply which can lead to increased electrical bills, blown fuses, drops in electrical current and electrical fires. Exercising the industrial circuit breakers is important in making sure that they can be relied upon when they are needed.

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