It is currently hurricane season in Charleston, South Carolina, which means thunderstorms and lighting. Although most lightning strikes are harmless, everyone should be aware of the damage they can cause.

When thunder roars, Go Indoors!

When a thunderstorm is approaching, it is important to seek shelter as soon as possible to stay safe. According to, “a sturdy and enclosed building or a car is the safest place to be during a thunderstorm.”

    • Stay in shelter until you haven’t heard thunder for thirty minutes; NEVER seek shelter under a tree
    • Stay off electronical devices connected to the wall; lightning can access your home through wires that go to the home (plumbing, phone, and electrical lines)
    • Do not take a shower or bath during a storm
    • Stay away from windows

      If your home is struck by lightning:


  • Evacuate your home immediately, if you see fire or smoke and call 911
  • Call your local fire department and if possible have them check for hot spots in your wall with thermal imaging equipment
  • Make sure all smoke detectors are powered and operating properly
  • If needed, have a licensed electrician check the wiring in your home

Thanks to the National Weather Service, you can learn even more about lightning safety HERE!

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