May is National Electrical Safety Month and Transworld, Inc. Journeyman Electrician, Richie Smith, shares how we promote safety through our company’s uniform.

Transworld, Inc.’s electricians work around and near electricity every day and safety is always our top priority. We require that all of our Charleston electricians are licensed professionals and arrive prepared for the job when they arrive. We believe our electricians are our greatest asset and we go above and beyond to ensure their safety, this includes their uniform.

Every electrician is required to wear a Transworld, Inc. uniform. The electrician’s everyday uniform includes a company logo hat hard, safety glasses, cut resistant gloves, 8 calorie rated long sleeve shirt, 12.2 calorie rated pants, and EH rated boots. This everyday uniform will protect our electricians from any potential electrical shock or electrocution. We are a full-service electrical contractor which means we do residential, commercial, and industrial electrical service. When our electricians work on high voltage electrical equipment, we provide them with additional safety uniforms such as a 40 calorie rated suit, a hood with an arc flash rated shield and high voltage rated gloves. We also have uniforms for jobs with voltages in between. You can trust that our Charleston Electricians will arrive with the appropriate safety uniform required for the job.

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