All Charleston electrical systems gradually deteriorate over time and it’s recommended that a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system every 3-5 years. That can vary depending on how old your home is how many appliances you have. Typically, older homes may have older electrical systems that may not be able to support all the appliance and electronics that we use in our daily lives. Even if your home is new, you should be mindful of the amount of electricity you use and look out for any signs that there might be an electrical hazard in your electrical system.

What are some signs that may indicate your system needs an upgrade?

  • Circuit breakers frequently tripping

  • Fuses blowing

  • Outlets and switches not working normally or discolored

  • Outlets are only 2 pronged instead of 3 pronged

  • Lights begin to dim when you turn on other appliances

  • Extension cords or adapters are used frequently to create additional outlets in your home

  • If your electrical system is more than 20 years old it should be inspected by a licensed electrician

If you experience any of these signs or have concerns about your electrical system, you should have your electrical system inspected now. This can help you avoid dangerous electrical fires and expensive repairs in the future.

How can you prevent electrical hazards?

  • Check your panel for the right size and type of fuses

  • Use a surge protector

  • Don’t use bulbs above the recommended wattage for the fixture

  • Don’t use extension cords as an additional outlet

  • Install waterproofed GFCIs

DO NOT attempt to perform any electrical maintenance or repair work. Only a licensed professional electrician should work on anything electrical.

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