New Year’s Resolution – Delivering Safety

We hope everyone is excited about the New Year and looking forward to a fresh start and new opportunities. During this time many people will find New Year’s resolution. A New Year’s Resolutions is a promise you make for the New Year, either a promise to change a bad habit or a promise to develop a positive habit. Transworld has come together with the New Year’s Resolution to Deliver Safety.

As an electrical contractor, we deliver safety daily to our many customers by ensuring their electrical equipment and electrical systems are all in safe working condition. Our New Year’s Resolution of delivering safety has the end goal of reducing the number of electrical fires and hazards in the workplace and at home. We will do this by helping reduce the risks associated with electrical hazards and fires and therefore saving lives and decreasing property loss. In 2015 there was over 1.3 million fires reported in the United States which was a 3.7 increase from 2014. This resulted in over 3,280 civilian fire deaths, 15,700 civilian fire injuries, and $14.3 billion in property damage. We want to stop the number of fires from rising and instead see them start to decrease. We want to keep everyone and their family safe from these dangers and not allow anyone else to become a statistic. We are committed to delivering the tools and education necessary to not only our employees but our customers that are necessary to prevent fires and electrical hazards. Through our years of experience and education we are confident that we can achieve our New Year’s Resolution of delivering safety and reducing the number of electrical fires and hazards.

Please, let us know if you are interested in learning more about electrical or fire safety. Our electricians and professional staff have the experience and education necessary to help protect and prepare your family from any and all electrical hazards or fires.


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