Transworld values the importance of safety and we recognize the potential threats that can occur while working on a job site. We encourage safety education throughout our organization and the surrounding community. We recently hosted a NFPA 70 E two day seminar at Shealy’s Electrical Wholesaler in Ladson, South Carolina. We appreciate everyone who sacrificed their time and money to attend and for assisting in our efforts to create safer facilities.

NFPA 70 E is an important part of meeting NFPA’s requirement for training qualified personnel on safe work practices and provides them with education on how to implement them in their facility. The course allows you to gain knowledge on the potential hazards and threats that can occur while working on a job site and how to react and handle these unsafe situations. NFPA 70 E was originally developed at OSHA’s request in hopes to avoid workplace injuries and fatalities due to shock, electrocution, arc flash, and arc blast. We encourage everyone to become NFPA 70 E Certified. Our goal is for everyone who attends to leave with a different outlook and respect for safety and the NFPA requirements.

“Very knowledgeable and an asset to the industry. An in-depth comprehensive course on the changes to NFPA 70 E. A credit to himself (Joe Gierlach), TEGG, and Transworld.” – Electrical Team

“After taking this course, I have found that more of my techs at a minimum need to attend the second day” – Hospital Electrical Coordinator

“I would recommend this course highly, the instructor was very knowledgeable” – Electrical Contractor

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