The NFPA 70E® 2021 standard for electrical safety in the workplace is now in effect. These changes focus on requirements that prioritize hazard elimination, PPE changes, circuit breaker safety, training, and battery system safety. Transworld Electric is committed to keeping our employees and customer safe and this requires us to remain compliant with recent updates and changes to safety standards. If you need more information on specific changes or need to become NFPA 70E compliant, we have a team of professionals that are here to help.

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The new  2021 edition features extensive changes, including:

  • Updates to definitions of key terms, including an electrically safe working condition and lockout devices
  • Revisions to Article 110 to incorporate the general requirements for electrical safety-related work programs, practices, and procedures from other articles
  • Edits to Annex D, Incident Energy, and Arc Flash Boundary Calculation Methods, to reference IEEE-1584-2018 as a method of calculation
  • References to arc-resistant switchgear in Tables 130.5(C) and 130.7(C)(15)(a) changed to arc-resistant equipment to address the use of other types of arc-resistant equipment
  • 2(A)(4) Type of Training: An informational note was added: “Classroom training can include interactive electronic or interactive web-based training components.” This recognizes that electronic training is widely used.
  • New note regarding multi-employer worksites – more than one employer can be responsible.
  • There is a New Sub Section about Equipment Use.
  • Clarification regarding “Block or relive stored non-electrical energy devices”.
  • A new informational note was added regarding the arc rating of outer layers used for safety or protection from the elements.
  • New examples of risk reduction methods when testing the absence of voltage with incident energy greater than arc rating of commercially available arc-rated PPE.
  • Addition of Article 360, Safety-Related Requirements for Capacitors, and Annex R, Working with Capacitors, to address specific electrical safety requirements unique to capacitors

Throughout the NFPA 70E standard, there are other changes that we didn’t mentioned so be sure to check for any additional changes that might affect your electrical safety program. Information regarding these updates and more, not only this new edition but earlier editions, can be found here ->

For more information on becoming NFPA 70E qualified, contact Transworld Electric to learn about our upcoming NFPA 70E qualification training and private training options as well.



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