Happy National Electrical Safety Month

Every year, The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) acknowledges May as National Electric Safety Month. As an electrical contractor, we are committed to promoting electrical safety and protecting our electricians and customers from electrical hazards. National Electrical Safety Month is a great opportunity to remind electricians and customers of the importance of electrical safety. During the month, ESFI promotes an annual campaign aimed at educating the community on steps that can be taken to reduce the number of electrical fatalities, injuries, and property loss. This year’s theme for National Electrical Safety Month is “Connected to Safety” which educated consumers on the emerging technology that ensures their home is prepared to keep up with today’s energy demands.

Over this past year, many transitioned to working from home, learning from home, or spending more time at home, and ESFI wants to remind everyone the importance of making sure your home is electrically safe, secure, and efficient. One of the ways that you can do this is by preparing for safe and efficient energy use and utilizing smart devices and home electrical safety devices.

How to make your home electrically efficient:

Learning ways you can become more energy-efficient can help prevent overloading your home’s electrical system and help you cut energy costs. One way to implement this is by utilizing home automation to control the HVAC system to improve your heating and cooling efficiency. Another way to further promote safety and efficient energy use is to use energy-saving LED lightbulbs and automate lighting.

How to make your home electrically safe:

Home safety devices, including arc-fault circuit interrupters, ground-fault circuit interrupters, grounded outlets, and surge protective devices, are an essential element in any smart home. These devices keep you safe from fires, electrical shock, and costly damages from power surges.

How to make your home electrically secure:

The National Electrical Code is revised every three years and outlines the minimum requirements for safe electrical installations. Many older homes may not have an adequate electrical system to meet the electrical demands of today. If you’re renovating your home, make sure to have the following electrical devices installed to maintain an electrically safe home.

Hiring a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical system will help you know whether your electrical system is in accordance with the most recent NEC code standards.

Transworld Electric has shared linked below that features National Electrical Safety Month resources including Connected to Safety: Making you Home Safe and Efficient, which explains how smart devices can improve your quality of life and make your home safe; Connected to Safety: Understanding Electric Vehicles, which provides information on how to charge an electric vehicle safely; and Home Safety Devices – Renovate Your Home to Code, which discusses the importance of installing safety devices and outlines the areas of your home where the National Electrical Code requires them.

 Connected to Safety: Making your Home Safe and Efficient

Connected to Safety: Understanding Electric Vehicles

Home Safety Devices – Renovate Your Home to Code,


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