Infrared Thermography is the science of measuring and mapping surface temperatures and should be part of any electrical predictive maintenance program and performed on a routine basis per the National Fire Protection Association. When done correctly. an infrared thermographic inspection can detect electrical failures in the early stages of degradation which helps prevent electrical problems that could destroy equipment and injure personnel.

Most commons conditions detected by an infrared thermographic inspection:

• Loose/deteriorated connections
• System overloads
• Damaged switchgear
• Imbalanced circuits
• Unbalanced loads
• Inductive heating
• Harmonics
• Defective equipment
• Poor workmanship

Infrared thermography is a significant component of any EPM program but infrared thermography alone is not enough for a complete maintenance program. According to NFPA 70B an effective EPM program should include de-energized maintenance at least every three years on critical equipment, including the incoming electrical service from the utility. Cleaning, exercising, lubricating, relay testing and breaker testing is conducted during a de-energized state. Getting deep inside the equipment to check cable connections and torque bus connections can only be done de-energized.

Performing EPM requires specialized training in both testing technology and safety. The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 70E is the recommended standard for electrical safety and anyone performing an EPM program should be NFPA 70E qualified. Anyone performing Infrared Thermographic Inspections should have the proper certifications and credentials necessary.

Transworld, Inc.’s electricians are all Master Licensed Electricians and have Level I & Level II Thermography Certification. They are all NFPA 70E qualified and have received the specialized training and certification necessary to The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), IEEE and NFPA 70E standards

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