It’s officially summer in the Lowcountry and Transworld Electric wants to remind everyone to practice electrical safety around water. Electric shock drowning is a real risk and can occur in any location where electricity is near water. The majority of electric shock drowning cases occur in public and private marinas and docks when faulty wiring sends an electric current into water, which then passes through the body and causes paralysis, which could ultimately result in drowning.

If you need a licensed electrician to service or repair your marina or boatyard, Transworld Electric is your South Carolina expert. Give us a call today and help protect others from electric shock drowning.

Safety Reminders:

  • Install GFCIs on all receptacles within 20 feet of the water’s edge including all shore power pedestals and on all marina wiring circuits. This includes private residential properties with pools or hot tubs.

  • Have a qualified licensed electrician inspect your pool, spa, or hot tub annually.

  • Marinas should be regularly inspected by a qualified electrician who is familiar with the National Fire Protection Association Codes: NFPA 303 and NFPA 70.

  • If you are a boat owner, have your boat inspected by a licensed electrician with a current ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) Electrical Certification or by an ABYC Certified Technician.

  • Boats with alternating current (AC) systems should have isolation transformers or equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI) protection, comply with American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards, and should be serviced by an ABYC Certified® Technician.

  • Make sure all pools, hot tubs, and spas are at least 25 feet from power lines.

  • Always hire a qualified licensed electrician to perform all wiring and electrical repairs.

  • Locate and label all power switched to pool, hot tub, and spa equipment and lighting.

Electric shock drowning is often referred to as the silent killer because there is no visible warning or way to tell if the water surrounding a boat, marina or dock is energized or within seconds will be energized with fatal levels of electricity. This is why it is very important that all marina personnel and boaters are taught how to safely handle electrical components, visually identify electrical hazards, and understand how to properly respond to emergency situations. This also includes homeowners who have a dock, pool, or hot tub. Being prepared is crucial to helping someone who’s fallen victim to electric shock drowning.

What to do if you see someone fall victim to electric shock drowning:

  1. DO NOT enter the water

  2. Turn off the source of power

  3. Call 911

  4. Use an insulation device (such as a fiberglass rescue crook) to attempt to remove the victim from the water

Transworld Electric encourages you to tell others about the dangers of electrical shock drowning.

Transworld Electric is a full-service electrical contractor with an electrical license in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

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