How do I find a good electrician near me?

When you need to hire an electrician, it is important to hire a safe and reliable electrician that you can trust to enter your home or business. Having a reliable electrical system is crucial for your safety and faulty wiring or non-code compliant repairs done by an unskilled electrician can be dangerous and even lead to an electric fire.

The Electrical Safety Foundation reported that electricity is the cause of more than 140,000 fires each year, resulting in 400 deaths, 4,000 injuries, and $1.6 billion in property damages. It is simply too dangerous not to use a professional and qualified electrician.

When you begin your search for an electrician near me, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are many credentials and terminology that you may not be aware of when you begin your search. Every state has its own codes and regulations for electrical contractors and their electricians to follow. Transworld Electric has been an electrical contractor based in Charleston, SC since 1987 and we are well aware of the local codes and standards that are required to provide top-quality electrical work in South Carolina.

Next time you begin searching for an electrician near me consider the following to ensure that you are hiring a safe and reliable electrician that you can trust.

  • Licensed

When you are looking to hire an electrician near me, you have the right to ask them for their electrical license number. This is proof that they are allowed to perform electrical work in your state. Additionally, if you are looking for an electrician in South Carolina, it is important to ask if the electrician performing your electrical work is a licensed electrician. The state of South Carolina requires that only the owner needs to be licensed and all the employees can work under that license. It is important that the electrician performing the electrical repair or installation is licensed to guarantee that everything is completed safely and according to the NEC code.

When hiring an electrician from Transworld Electric you can be confident that they are trained licensed electricians. Our electricians have the experience to diagnose your electrical issue and find the correct solutions. Transworld Electric requires that all of our electricians have their Journeyman or Master License. This means that we have NO laborers or helpers working for us. If you are looking to hire a licensed electrician near you, Transworld Electric has an unlimited electrical license in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. SC License #M2368.

  • Bonded & Insured

When hiring an electrician to work on your electrical system, they should always be bonded and insured. It is also crucial that the electrical contractor has sufficient insurance coverage to protect against a significant loss and worker’s compensation insurance.

Many smaller electrical contractors or handymen don’t carry sufficient insurance coverage and this could leave you liable for any damages that could occur in your home due to or during electrical work.

  • Experience

Experience is extremely important in the electrical industry. An electrician can be licensed and have the entire NEC (National Electric Code) book memorized but may not have the experience that’s required to be able to implement it safely on the job. Also, when you hire an electrician, you want to know that you’ll be able to rely on them for years to come. A company that has been in business for years proves that they can be trusted and saves you the time and energy of having to go through the hiring process again in the future for electrical repairs.

Transworld Electric has been a local electrical contractor in Charleston, SC since 1987. With over 225 years of collective experience in the electrical industry and over one million hours of customer service, our staff is well trained to provide the top quality service you deserve for years to come.

Remember, experience is always the best teacher.

  • Customer Reviews

References and customer reviews are important! If you are ever uncertain about hiring an electrician or electrical contractor, contacting their references and checking their previous customer reviews can help verify your decision. It is important to find out what past customers said about working alongside that electrical contractor and the quality of the work they delivered.

Transworld Electric takes pride in always delivering the BEST possible electrical service. You can view all of our customer reviews on our testimonial page.

Click HERE to check out our customer reviews!

  • Job Costs

Many electricians will provide a hard quote for the services to be provided prior to beginning the project; however additional issues may be found as the work progresses, particularly in older homes. These additional costs should be discussed before that work begins so there are no hidden “surprise” costs at billing time. It is also important to ask whether they charge Time & Material or a Flat-Rate.

Transworld Electric charges for time and material not upfront (flat-rate) pricing. Studies have shown that flat-rate pricing is intentionally designed to dramatically increase both the customer’s cost and the contractor’s profit. Many times a contractor will charge various fees such as a ‘show up fee’, ‘diagnostic fee’, or ‘travel fee’ averaging $100-$125 and only then will they inform the customer of the flat-rate cost of the job. The customer is now leveraged and invested in this company and will lose that initial cost of fees if they decide to contact another contractor. Also, many flat-rate service companies pay their technicians on commission, which can cause controversy when diagnosis problems.

If you are searching for an ‘electrician near me’ in the Charleston, SC area, Transworld Electric has professional electricians that you can trust. All of our electricians are licensed, bonded, insured and we require background test along with drug testing so you can have peace of mind letting our electricians handle all your electrical repairs and installation needs.

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