Happy National Electrical Safety Month!

The Electrical Safety Foundation International is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting electrical safety. Every year, The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) acknowledges May as National Electric Safety month and promotes an annual campaign aimed at educating the community on steps that can be taken to reduce the number of electrical fatalities, injuries, and property loss. This year’s theme for National Electrical Safety Month is “Electrical Safety During National Disasters” and focuses on the importance of preparing, weathering, and rebuilding after a natural disaster.

This year’s ESFI’s National Electrical Safety month matches up perfectly with the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season which runs from May 1 until November 30. As a local electrical contractor based in Charleston, South Carolina, Transworld Electric is all too familiar with the electrical dangers that can occur due to a natural disaster. Charleston is a coastal city in South Carolina and has experienced many hurricanes over the years. Transworld Electric has over 31 years of experience as a local electrical contractor in Charleston and we have seen many hurricanes hit our coastline, including the Category 4 Hurricane Hugo. The damage that results from hurricanes can be catastrophic to both the individuals and to the community. Since no one can predict when a major hurricane will hit, Transworld Electric encourages everyone to prepare the best they can prior to the hurricane season beginning. This will help ensure that your home, business, and property will be electrically safe before and after the storm.

One way to prepare for hurricane season is to make sure you have back-up power ready in the event that a hurricane causes a power outage. By investing in a standby generator, you can have peace of mind that you will never be left without power. Transworld Electric is a local authorized Generac generator dealer and offers free consultations to anyone interested in installing a Generac generator at their home or business in Charleston.

If you are interested in installing or need servicing on a Generac home standby generator, fill out the contact form below and our Generac generator specialist will contact you to help with all your Generac generator needs.

If you already own a standby Generac generator, we recommend hiring an authorized Generac dealer near you, Transworld Electric is the authorized Generac dealer is the Charleston area, to service your Generac generator on an annual basis. Similar to your car needing annual maintenance to run at optimal efficiency, so does your Generac generator.

For optimal efficiency when using your Generac home standby generator, follow these tips:

Control Panel:

Verify that the control panel is in AUTO mode.

** If there is an error code on the control panel, we recommend having your Generac generator inspected by your local authorized Generac dealer. If you are located in the Charleston, SC area, Transworld Electric has factory trained local electricians near you that can troubleshoot the issue and diagnose the problem.

Exercise the Generator:

If you would like to check that your generator is running properly, you can turn the control panel from AUTO to MANUAL. Once the control panel is in MANUAL, the generator should turn on. Transworld Electric recommends allowing the unit to exercise for a few minutes before returning it back to AUTO. Once returned to AUTO, the unit should then shut down. If your Generac generator does not turn on, call your local authorized Generac dealer to inspect your system. Transworld Electric serves the Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas including Mount Pleasant and Summerville.

Check the Breaker:

Make sure the breaker on your Generac generator is in the ON position. The breaker is what provides power back to the house so it is very important that it runs properly.


Check the age of the battery in your Generac generator. The typical life expectancy of a battery is 5-6 years but we recommend replacing the battery on your generator every 3 years. If you have a service agreement with Transworld Electric for Generac maintenance, a battery replacement is included every 3 years.

Check Oil:

You can check the oil in your Generac Generator by using the dipstick, similar to checking the oil in your vehicle. Make sure that the oil is clear and filled to the correct amount. If there is no oil or not enough, the unit will not start or will go into a fault which can damage the system.

Air Filter:

You should inspect the air filter and make sure that it is clean and free of any debris. Transworld Electric recommend changing the filter at every service which should be done annually.

These maintenance tips will help ensure that your Generac automatic home standby generator is ready for any outage or storm. In addition to these maintenance tips, we recommend having your unit serviced every year by an authorized Generac dealer.

If you are looking for an authorized Generac dealer near the Charleston area, Transworld Electric is the local premier dealer in Charleston, South Carolina. All of our Charleston electricians are licensed and prepared to answer any questions you may have in regards to installing or servicing a Generac home standby generator.

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