LED Light Fixture vs LED Retrofit

There are many benefits when transitioning to LED lighting. LED lighting can  reduce your maintenance time and cost while also improving your lighting quality.

When deciding to upgrade to LED lighting, it can either be done by replacing the existing lighting equipment with new LED light fixtures or choosing to utilize the existing light fixtures with retrofit LEDs which can save a considerable amount of time and money.

What’s the difference between LED Light Fixtures and Retrofit LEDs?

LED Light Fixtures:

LED Light Fixtures are designed and built using LED technology, and can replace any existing lighting fixtures that you currently have. LED light fixtures can be installed into new construction projects similar to any other light fixture which makes them an easy option when installing a new lighting system. Another reason to choose installing new LED light fixtures is if your current light fixtures are near the end of their lifespan and needs to replace or if you are looking for specific features or design from your lighting system. This is because many older lighting technologies are not compatible with some of these new hi-tech features.

Retrofit LEDs:

Many times the customer does not want to replace their existing light fixtures or they may have budget restraints that won’t allow for purchasing a new lighting system and fixtures. This is when retrofit LEDs are a good option. Retrofit LEDs utilize the existing lighting fixtures either through a simple screw-in option or retrofit kits that fit into existing lighting equipment. This option can help save the customer time and is the least expensive way to make the transition to LED lighting. There are also many rebates available when switching to LED lighting and this combined with the energy savings made from the reduced energy use with quickly cover an retrofitting costs. Another added benefit of LED retrofits is that there is a huge variety of LED retrofit products that you can choose from and help you to achieve the desired look you want in regard to color and wattage. One disadvantage is that the maximum lumen strength may be limited by the existing fixtures.

Do you need help deciding what’s the best option when upgrading your lighting to LED?

Transworld Electric’s licensed electricians are lighting experts and are prepared to help you every step of the way with your LED lighting project. Whether you are looking to replace your existing lighting fixtures with new LED lighting equipment or interested in retrofit LEDs, our professionals are here help make your LED lighting project a success.

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We have shared a few of the benefits you can expect to receive when making the transition to LED lighting:

  1. Savings

Every business owner is interested in saving money and electricity is almost always a major share of a business’ expenses. Investing in LED lighting for your business can drastically cut down these costs. LEDs only require about a tenth of the energy needed to provide the same level of illumination as a traditional incandescent bulbs.

Although replacing your outdated lighting with LED alternatives may cost you more money up front, the energy savings will more than cover the initial costs over time.

  1. Longevity

A traditional incandescent bulb typically produces 1,000 hours of illumination but a LED light bulb produces a minimum of 25,000 hours of light and some LEDs can last as long as 50,000 hours. This also allows you more savings because LEDs bulbs don’t need to be replaced as often as your traditional incandescent bulbs.

  1. Time

Since LED light bulbs have such a long life, your business will save time and money as it relates to maintenance. You can spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about changing light bulbs.

  1. Quality

LED bulbs can with stand rough conditions. They are extremely durable and built with sturdy components that are highly rugged and resistant to shock, vibrations, and external impacts. This also makes them great for any outdoor lighting systems.

  1. Recycling

Unlike your old incandescent bulbs, LED lights have no mercury so they can be recycled. This makes them the most eco-friendly lighting products on the market. This is not only good news for the environment but can give your business a positive reputation among customers as a green and environmentally conscious company

Transworld Electric has the experience to help you decide on the right LED lighting products to make your LED lighting project a success. Switching to LEDs will allow you to reduce your energy use and lower your overall maintenance cost for many years.

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