OSHA – Safe & Sound Week

Safe + Sound is a year-round campaign to encourage every workplace to have a safety and health program.

Transworld Electric is participating in OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week, August 15-21. Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event held each August that recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep America’s workers safe.

Join thousands of businesses participating in Safe + Sound Week this year!

Visit the OSHA website to learn more.


Implementing a successful safety and health program has proven to proactively identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness while also improving sustainability and the bottom line. At Transworld Electric, we are committed to safety. It is our first core value and we are dedicated to keeping our employees safe on and off the job site. OSHA has named electrical hazards as one of the top four workplace hazards so it is important that we keep our employees safe so they can return home safely every day.

Safety is a top priority.

Transworld Electric is committed to safety and the important role it plays; it is especially important while working in the electrical industry. We’ve dedicated time and resources to creating a safety program that we have implemented throughout the company. Over the years, we have been continuously improving and updating our safety program to include new tools and training that become available as technology advances. All of our electricians understand the importance of practicing workplace safety and their personal responsibility for looking out for the safety of everyone they come in contact with while performing their work. They are responsible for maintaining safe and reliable operations at all times.

Transworld Electric is sharing three ways that we stay committed to safety and how we continuously promote a culture of safety within our company.

  1. Safety Training

All of our employees are required to attend safety training throughout the year and we encourage all employees to continuously grow and develop their skills as electricians. Workplaces are always evolving as new technologies, processes, materials, and workers are introduced, by adopting a systematic approach, we can stay on top of the emerging hazards that could lead to a serious injury. In addition to providing training for all of our employees, we host NFPA 70E Electrical Work-Place Safety training for all of our customers twice a year. NFPA 70E was created at the request of OSHA and is the industry standard for electrical safety. NFPA 70E educates employees on electrical safety including electrical hazard analysis, personal protective equipment (PPE), safety-related maintenance, and more.

  1. Monthly Code Challenge

Every month, Transworld Electric hosts a Monthly Code Challenge for our employees. All employees are encouraged to participate and every employee who submits a correct answer has the opportunity to win cash that can be used for buying new tools and equipment. This is a great way for our employees to be reminded of the National Electric Codes, NEC, codes that they have learned and to recognize them for the hard work they have put into their education through the years. Additionally, these allow our electricians to be better engaged and gets them to think, talk, and participate in sharing their knowledge with others and to be reminded of the safety codes they might not need be using on the job site every day.

  1. Tool Box Talks

Every week, our employees are sent a Tool Box Talk. These are a mandatory part of our safety program and years of research have shown that weekly Tool Box Talks provide many benefits for the overall safety of a company. Tool Box Talks create stronger safety awareness as they require employees to focus on best practices, hazards, and/or dangerous behaviors and bring safety to the forefront of their minds. Tool Box Talks not only remind employees of the importance of safety but also gives management an opportunity to educate employees on the reasons why compliance is so important for personal safety. Tool Box Talks opens discussions about new hazards that need to be communicated to everyone within the company and to address small safety issues before they become a more dangerous hazard.

As Transworld Electric continues to grow as an industry leader, we promise to remain committed to safety. Safety will always be our number one priority and we’re dedicated to keeping our employees and our customers safe. Transworld Electric is proud to celebrate OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week and we look forward to inspiring others on ways they can implement a health and safety program that will benefit everyone.

When you hire a Transworld Electric electrician, you can trust that you are getting a highly trained licensed electrician that you can trust.


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