We all rely on electricity every day to power our appliances, provide lighting, and cooling unit; which is necessary in these hot Charleston summer months. Transworld, Inc. wants to share a few simple electrical safety tips that can make your home a safer place around electricity.

Cords Safety Tips:

Electric cords are how we get a power supply to our appliance.

– You should never use extension cords as a permanent solution for a power supply.

– Extension cords should never be placed under rugs or carpets and should be placed around walls to prevent tripping

– Always remove the plug from the wall, don’t attempt to pull the cord instead

– Always unwind the cord completely before use to prevent overheating

– If using a cord outside, make sure it is rated for outside use

Appliance Safety Tips:

Many homes these days are filled with more appliances than ever, from televisions and sound systems to microwaves and toasters; we rely on these appliances every day. Here are some tips to help avoid the risk of an electrocution.

– Inspect plugs, switches and cords on your appliances regularly and have them replaced or repaired immediately if damaged.

– Make sure you dispose of any faulty equipment appropriately so that they can’t be used by anyone else.

– If you decide to clean and appliance, make sure you turn off the appliance before starting

– Never stick anything foreign into an appliance, such as a toaster oven

– Always touch with dry hands

– Make sure to turn off appliances if you are leaving your house, such as an oven or heater

– Make sure appliances that generate heat like televisions or computers are stored in a place where they receive good air circulation and are not located to close to anything

Lighting Safety Tips:

We all use lighting daily, here are some safety tips to remember when the lighting goes out and you need to replace the bulb.

– Always turn the light switch off before replacing a light bulb

– Never touch or replace a light bulb with wet hands

– Always make sure to use a light bulb with the correct wattage to prevent overheating

– Never remove the plate around a light when painting, instead mask it or have it removed by a licensed electrician

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