Trailer Towing Safety Training

Over the years, Transworld Electric has grown to be a leader in the electrical industry and we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Transworld Electric stays committed to keeping our electricians safe from hazards and we required every employee to complete 5 hours of annual safety classes and an additional 24 hours of continuing education training every year.

This past weekend, Transworld Electric hosted a Trailer Towing Safety Course for our electricians. Towing a trailer, automobile, or boat can be extremely dangerous and requires skills beyond operating a normal vehicle. On average, more than one person a day dies in the  United States from towing-related accidents –many of which occur because of driver inexperience. During the safety course, electricians began with a presentation focused on trailer towing safety and then did hands-on training that required them to find the appropriate tow rating for their vehicle – size, maximum loaded weight, and maximum trailer weight the tow vehicle can handle). They then had to hook up the trailer to the vehicle which requires backing up to the trailer, connecting the coupler, securing the safety chains, and plugging in the wiring harness. It requires patience and attention to detail. After the trailer was correctly connected, the electricians went on a test drive with an instructor. After the test drive, the final portion of the hands-on training required electricians to back up the trailer safely into a designated spot. Check out the photos below to see our electricians working together to obtain their Trailer Towing Safety Certification.  

Congratulations to the electricians that received their Trailer Towing Safety Certification. Transworld Electric is proud to have electricians that are committed to safety and delivering Transworld Excellence to our customer every day.

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