Electrical hazards can cause burns, shocks, and electrocution (death). The image above shows multiple National Electric Code (NEC) violations and poor workmanship making it a clear electrical fail. We have listed the specific NEC violations at the end of this post for you to review.

Although these are simple issues to repair, and everything in this photo could be fixed for a few hundred dollars, that is not an accurate representation of what the cost would be if these issues were not found in time and caused the electrical system to fail.

The true electrical fail in this photo is the person who performed this electrical installation. The photo clearly shows that the person performing the installation didn’t have a true understanding of the National Electric Code or didn’t care about the safety risk they were creating. Violating the National Electric Code and delivering poor workmanship can create a dangerous electrical hazard for the facility as well as other electricians following behind. If these issues were not found and repaired by a licensed electrician, they would have led to shorting and arcing which can cause electrical fires or shock and lead to an extremely high repair cost and OSHA fines all while compromising the safety of employees.

This photo emphasizes the need to hire a qualified electrical contractor to handle all your electrical installation service needs.

When looking to hire an electrical contractor for your facility, you should always consider the following two questions:

What are their qualifications?

    • Licensed Journeyman or Master Electrician

    • NFPA 70E

    • OSHA 10

    • OSHA 30

This is only a short list of the qualifications Transworld Electric requires of their electricians. Please contact us to learn more about the specific qualifications of our electricians

What are their training programs?

      • Code Updates

      • Technology Advancements

      • CPR/ First Aid

      • Electrical Safety Program

Transworld Electric encourages continuing education for all employees. Please contact us to learn more about the specific training programs we offer to employees. 

Transworld Electric is a full-service electrical contractor that specializes in a broad range of electrical services including residential, commercial, industrial electrical services, electrical installation services as well as energized and de-energized electrical testing and customized preventive maintenance programs. Transworld Electric is also an Authorized Generac dealer, TEGG Service Contractor and CurrentSAFE provider. We have an unlimited electrical licensed in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. You can trust that our electricians will be qualified with the training and experience to handle all your electrical needs. 

NEC 300.15 Boxes, Conduit Bodies, or Fittings — Where Required

 A box shall be installed at each outlet and switch point for concealed knob-and-tube wiring. Fittings and connectors shall be used only with the specific wiring methods for which they are designed and listed. Where the wiring method is conduit, tubing, Type AC cable, Type MC cable, Type MI cable, nonmetallicsheathed cable, or other cables, a box or conduit body shall be installed at each conductor splice point, outlet point, switch point, junction point, termination point, or pull point, unless otherwise permitted in 300.15(A) through (L).

Being the conductors above are entering a panel and are terminated to circuit breakers these conductors should be terminated with the proper cable to box fitting.

NEC110.12 Mechanical Execution of Work

 Electrical equipment shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner.

Informational Note: Accepted industry practices are described in ANSI/NECA 1-2015, Standard for Good Workmanship in Electrical Construction, and other ANSI-approved installation standards.

Metal shaving and shards in the bottom of the electrical panel and may even have fallen into conduits with the wiring. These items can cause damage to the insulation of conductors and cables. They are also conductive and loose within the enclose.

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